Moses Lake


We are camping in an RV park in Moses Lake Washington tonight, a few hundred miles short of our goal of Missoula. We didn’t get on the road until 2:30 pm. The car struggled to pull the heavy trailer over the cascades, so we took it slow. By 6:00 pm a week of late nights was catching up to us and we decided to call it a day.

The animals did way better than expected. We had all four out of their crates. They managed a truce for the car ride. Between the animals and the trailer everything we do  has to be slow and planned out, from opening the car door to taking a tight turn. With the back of the car riding inches from the ground, even the slightest bump threatens to scrape off out muffler.

After we crossed over the mountains we saw some incredible cloud formations. I watched the sun set behind a big industrial farm across from the trailer park.

We are laying in the tent now, listening to country music blasting on our neighbor’s truck. Most of the songs seem to be about chronic drinking problems. I need to save my phone battery, so I better sign off now.



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