Butte, Montana, day two


Tonight we are in Butte, Montana. oweing to thunderstorms we decided to try our luck at a hotel. Turns out, for fifteen dollars Motel 8 doesn’t care how many dogs and cats you want to pack in your room. Good to know. The warm shower was delightful also. This morning’s shower at the RV park was more the invigorating type. Twenty five cents bought me two minutes of ice cold water.



The drive today was gorgeous. We drove through the mountains of Idaho and Montana, passed dozens of quaint little towns and aging mines that looked to be straight out of an old western film. I even saw an old mine shaft on the hill above the highway with a painted wooden sign that read “keep out.” I’m certain there must be bandit treasure buried in there. Possibly some dwarves also.  I wish we could have stayed and explored. It is hard to pass by so many adventures just waiting to be had.


Tomorrow we have decided to leave I90 and cut down to Yellowstone. Going is slow through the mountains with our trailer and it may add a day to our trip, but what the hell. We could hardly call ourselves adventurers if we passed up the opportunity to see a mega volcano filled with bison and wolves and bears.



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