The Bad Lands


July 6th. Today we drove through the Bad Lands. I had hoped to camp here one night, but timing was such that we hit it mid day. It was still a pretty amazing drive. We also passed through the bizarre little town of Wall, home to the famous Wall Drug (drugstore). It isn’t really a drugstore, at least not anymore. It is a giant, town-sized gift shop at the western end of the Bad Lands.




The car managed okay today, but it seems to have developed a slow leak in one back tire. So far it has been okay as long as we check on it and give it more air regularly.
The check engine light also came on mid-afternoon. I did check the engine and saw nothing out of sorts, but then I know very little about engines. We continued on, since the car seemed to be driving fine and we were nowhere near a service station anyway. The engine heat remained steady. We will check the fluids in the morning when the engine is cool. We are entering the long flat portion of the country. This is good, because it will be easier on the engine, but it also means there will be long gaps between towns and service stations should anything go wrong.


We are camped in a KOA in South Dakota. The name of the town escapes me at the moment. The animals seem more relaxed about camping. Marie was so intent on seeing outside the tent that she threatened to rip the sides with her claws. I put her leash on her and walked her around the campsite. She was very curious about everything, cautious, but not afraid. Kiki on the other hand did not seem interested in the campground. She was happy to have the air mattress to herself.



2 thoughts on “The Bad Lands

  1. Hey Tash and Dustin!! Just a quick note that sometimes the “check engine” light comes on from an emissions issue and can simply be remedied by adjusting the gas cap. My Volvo used to do that…Hope that’s the case in your situation!! So bummed we missed you on this trip….SO close and yet SO FAR!! 🙂 XOXOXO

    • Thanks! A friendly biker we meet at a gas station told us the same thing. So far the car is still running well. Sorry we missed you. I hope we can come out sometime for a real visit without any of this silly moving business.

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