Urban Nature Walk Umbrella (7 x 7 Project – Day 2)

One thing I miss living in the city is the experience of walking through fields and wooded areas at night. In this project I seek to address that absence by creating a nature walk umbrella. I adhered paper leaves to the outside of a clear umbrella. The original idea was that the street lamps would create the shadows of leaves below me as I walked. Unfortunately, the light from the street lamps wasn’t bright enough, so instead I utilized the flashlight function on my smart phone. I attached the phone to the top of the umbrella using wire. I also used the phone to play ambient nature sounds. Videos of the walk are available on Youtube. The peepers you hear in the video aren’t really there. The phone was playing an audio file from this site https://soundcloud.com/natureguy-studio/western-chorus-frogs-oh. Also, thank you to my husband, Dustin, for taking the photos and video.

Watch the video.

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