Redefining the Landscape (7 x 7 Project – Day 4)

Perhaps my unhappiness with the lack of green space in my neighborhood comes from my own perspective. If the problem is a lack of trees, and grass, and shrubs perhaps we should just redefine “tree,” and “grass,” and “shrub.” Problem solved! Now we have plenty of “green” space. I used projection again for this project, partly because the darkness makes it easier to re-imagine the landscape and partly because I’m really excited about projected light as a medium right now. I chose objects that I found visually similar (however vaguely) to the words I was redefining. It would be interesting to try this project again renaming objects that are functionally similar.

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One thought on “Redefining the Landscape (7 x 7 Project – Day 4)

  1. Hi Tash, I particularly like this project. I like the way you matched all of the urban objects with similarly shaped natural objects/features and living things. My only criticism is that you should have been more specific in the “animal” image. Which “animal” did you see in the car? Love you! And I’m enjoying your 7 day/7 projects!


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