Rain Filtering Umbrella (7 x 7 Project – Day 7)

One of the important functions that green space provides is water filtration. Plants absorb nutrients and pollutants from rain water. For this project I was thinking about ways in which we might temporarily add green space to urban environments when it is especially needed, such as during and after rain.

I used a porous cloth to make the umbrella topper and covered this with a thin layer of dirt. I sewed rolled up paper towels around the edge of the dirt to prevent it from “eroding.” Once the seedlings took root the towels were no longer necessary so I could remove them.

I sprouted the wheat grass in a separate container. I chose wheat grass because it is both easy to grow and edible. Another important function urban green space can provide is food production. Although, if the grass is also gathering pollutants maybe eating isn’t the best idea. Thank you to Dustin Neighly for the photos.

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