The Guffins

I am excited to share Migration of the Guffins, a collaborative project between artists Stephanie Farah, Kate Snyderman, and myself.


Migration of the Guffins explores the relationship between myth, media, site, and interaction. It is a site specific performance that takes place both at High Line Park in New York City and online on Wikipedia. The sites mutually reinforce each others’ authenticity.  Viewers on the High Line are able to “research” the Guffins online, while online viewers are provided with “evidence” in the form of photo and video documentation from an identifiable space. In both spaces the ability of the Guffin to be camouflage with its surroundings is key.

We drew inspiration from history of the site. In particular we were drawn to the story of the west-side cowboys, who used to lead trains through the city in order to prevent accidents with pedestrians and vehicles.

Audience participation is a necessary component of this project. Our goal is that viewers will document sightings of the creatures and then go on to perpetuate the myth online.


We drew inspiration from existing creature myths, such as Sasquatch and Yeti. We also looked at artists working in similar modes such as Nick Cave, Charles Freger, and Lucy Orta.


Thank you to Dustin Neighly for photographing the performance and to Bryan Ma for the videography.


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