New Skins Workshop

This January, I participated in the NewSkins Winter 2014 Workshop with Francis Bitonti Studio in Brooklyn. The workshop focused on using 3D modeling and printing technology for fashion applications. Below is a short video from the class in which the studio team interviewed students on our thoughts about the future of 3D printing as a tool for fashion (I am the one with pink hair). The second half of the course focused on brainstorming design ideas and generating models for a 3D garment. The final model, completed by Francis Bitonti after the class concluded, is featured at the end of the video. Below is a rendering of the model I did during the class. as part of my thesis project for next year. The model was drawn in Maya and rendered in Lagoa‘s online rendering software.

This class was an exciting introduction into the uses of 3D technology for fashion. Although I don’t believe the technology is ready to be used for mass produced fashion goods yet, I do think we will get there in the next few years. I intend to continue exploring these technique for fashion design and wearable technology applications in my thesis project next year.


Final render of my design for the NewSkins Workshop.

Final design by Francis Bitonti.



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