LED/Web Mood Inferface

This is another little project for my physical computing class. The assignment was to “do something interesting” with an LED matrix.

PComp at Parsons 2014

For this project I used node.js to communicate between a website and an Arduino. I use a physical button, a potentiometer, and a button on a website to change the output on an LED matrix.

  • The green button on the website changes the output to happy.
  • The physical button changes the output to sad.
  • Turning the dial of the potentiometer will transition the output from sad to neutral to happy.


The code is based on an example we did in CCLab last semester where we exchanged values between a website and a button and potentiometer connected to an Arduino. Here I am using those values to control the output on an LED matrix. I also used the bicolor8x8 example from Adafruit. There are several files. I have only included the Arduino code below. If you would like to see the entire code message me and I can send it…

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