Mood Mapper

Mood Mapper is a prototype for a mood tracking application. It was created as a group assignment for my Mobile Media class at Parsons. For this assignment we had six weeks to design and prototype an application of our choice. We worked together on the concept, user research, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and design. Below is a short video demonstrating the prototype. You can also try a live version of the prototype here.

The goal of Mood Mapper was to create an app that would help users track their mood efficiently and quickly. We wanted to enable users to identify their mood triggers, visualizes changes in their mood over time, and identify patterns in their moods so that they can respond proactively.

Team Members:
Natasha Lewandrowski
Shannon Angdrea
Crystal Tong


We started the design process by conducting an informal survey of over one hundred potential users in order to better understand how our idea could be the most useful to people. Based on these responses we determined which features would be most important for the app. We developed an initial app map and a wireframe of each view. Using Flinto we turned our wireframes into a working prototype which we were able to test with potential users. We revised our app based on feedback from the user tests, and create the final design.

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